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  could possibly be comedy about

Bet you're there wondering what             

sports? Obviously its the sports:)

but not your favorite sports like

your Football championships

The ones you wont see on ESPN,

the ones you probably won't see 

on most TV, the ones we find most

Whats up sports fans!

nonono. We bring you the weird

or your  baskets full of balls

interesting and the ones we find most  hilarious!

Sam & Reed114.jpg

Sam & Reed

Making Sport of Sports

Your sports outsider, outsider sports podcast where two clueless comedians who are outsiders to sports serve up side-splitting hilarity while exploring the wildest and most obscure sports ever invented! From cheese rolling to extreme ironing, join us every Tuesday as we stumble through the sporting world like two uncoordinated penguins on ice. Laughter guaranteed!

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