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Talent & Team

Welcome to the Ramshackle Network! Here you can find some of the individuals we work with, all for hire! If you have an interest in any of the Network Members feel free to reach out or contact them directl!
If you're here from the industry, welcome home! We are a production house in Maine working in New england and we Have the firm belief that you have the right to earn money from your work. We're all familiar with the struggle of getting started, and constantly doing free work for exposure. No More! Everyone involved in Ramshackle Productions owns their Project, everyone on a project makes as much or as little as the project does we believe if you made it you should benefit from it. We're also not afraid of a passion project here or there and those are usually low budget and now their yours! We want you to own your creations as much as the producers and directors of the world and not be taken advantage of especially early in your career.


                             Join the Revolution, Join the Ramshackle Network!
Sam Workman

CEO of Ramshackle Studios LLC


Director /Producer /Cinematographer /Podcaster


I've got alot of titles but that mostly means I'm well versed on running a project start to finish. For 4 years I’ve been producing and shooting corporate, commercial, live concerts and independent short films. As well as Producing and releasing my Podcasts (Tertiary Sports & The Clambake Incident) with my co-host Reed Bridge-Koenigsberg. I work best as a Director in collaboration with others and creating something unexpected together and I enjoy taking on the full breadth of an exciting project.

As with most creative folk I have too many projects coming up. Currently working on two more podcasts as well as  and writing and producing my own short film coming next year to the Mayhem Film Festival

John Washington

President of Jacob’s Ladder Productions, Inc.


Film maker/videographer.


For the past 4 years I’ve been producing and shooting corporate, commercial, live concerts and independent short films. I also do sound engineering, lighting as well as pre and postproduction.

Prior to that I was a fine art photographer since 1992, specializing in shooting and selling wildlife and landscape photography and prints. I also ran a fine art reproduction business for 5 years. I have several certifications in digital color management and workflow as well.


A couple of my favorite projects to date are The Story: Isaac Foss live in concert in which I completely produced a concert series solo, including lighting video and sound. It was an incredible amount of work, but extremely satisfying. Second would be the project I am just starting, One Girl’s Story, a documentary of a child sex trafficking victim that has gone on to recover and start an organization dedicated to preventing sex trafficking.

Janine Myers
Janine Myers_edited.jpg


I'm a self employed personal trainer/fitness instructor teaching Barre, Zumba, Pilates, Interval training and Stretch. I'm British born, love to sew and design, love dancing, running and cooking. Primarily based in Boston

Michella Tillo

Michaella Tillo is an artist that takes a multi-dimensional approach to any work she's a part of. Her background in fine arts, digital art, film, writing, and administrative organization make her someone who admires spontaneity, but is ultimately rooted in structure.

Benji Otte

Benji Otte a versatile and communicative filmmaker, avidly exploring film sets to gain more knowledge and experiences to enhance his skills as a leader and colleague. Benji has been a filmmaker for 7 years, expanding his knowledge across various roles on set, including Director, Writer, Actor, Producer, Editor, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Script Supervisor, as well as many other set roles. With an extensive background in film pre-production, principle photography, and post production, he has a deep understanding of how to lead a team, providing a space for members to utilize and capitalize on their skills, and in turn creating a project that is captivating for a wide selection of audiences. Benji is always looking forward to working with a vast spectrum of personalities from every sort of background in hopes to be a part of environments for everyone to thrive in, as well as learn as much as he can to enhance the future encounters in work surroundings.

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